CME Gift Card Receipts by Provider

CMEList April 27, 2021

It is critical that clinicians understand what elements are transparent on a receipt when purchasing a CME gift card bundle. The receipt must comply with the regulations set by the ACCME, otherwise the clinician is at risk of their institution or organization not providing reimbursement for their purchase. 

Two elements that receipts must typically include are: 

  • Discloses the nature and value of the incentives of tangible monetary value (such as a device or a gift card) from the cost of the learning activity itself. 
  • Ensures that purchasers are aware of potential implications of the incentives on their tax reporting obligations 

Below we have highlighted examples of transparent receipts that are typically approved by a clinician’s organization or association that provides the CME allowance.  Use these examples of guides of what a receipt for a CME gift card offer should look like. It is recommended that a clinician asks a provider what is included on their receipt if there are any reimbursement concerns.  


At CMEList, we offer multiple CME gift card bundles from popular CME providers including BoardVitals, GIBLIB, MDCalc, Master Clinicians, and VisualDx.  

As seen in the example below, the gift card type and amount will be included as part of the product title if applicable. 

CME Gift Card Receipts By Provider - CMEList Receipt Example


BoardVitals CME Pro Plus allows clinicians to get either a Visa or Amazon prepaid card with purchase. When purchasing from BoardVitals directly, the gift card you select and the amount of the gift card is clearly present alongside the specialty and length of the subscription you selected. 

See the receipt example below for more information.  

CME Gift Card Receipts By Provider - BoardVitals Receipt Example