CME: Applications in Hemodynamics – Taking Us from Here to the Future: Clinical Applications

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Goal-directed therapy (GDT) has been taken as the gospel in critical care since the publication of Rivers et al.’s seminal paper on the topic demonstrating a mortality benefit in patients with severe sepsis and related shock back in late 2001, whose protocols were soon embraced and became ensconced in practice as standards of care, overlapping with other, high-acuity areas of medical specialty like surgery and emergency medicine. However, these initially results later became more mixed and equivocal on the whole when balanced in the context of more recent literature.

By the end of the session the participant will be able to:

  • Given patient cases, reason your approach to fluid management under various clinical circumstances
  • Given patient cases, balance volume with vasoactive therapy in your hemodynamic stewardship of the patient

Target Audience:

This program has been designed for a multidisciplinary physician and nurse audience including: ICU / Anesthesia / Peri-op / Intensivists / Trauma / Critical Care

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