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Risk Management Neurology CME Rounds - MedRisk Risk Management Rounds: Neurology-MedRisk
Posted by...Bernard Sklar, MD. 
CME Credit Hours...5.0.
CME Credits Awarded by....Medical Risk Management, Inc.
Cost for Credit....$75.
Instruction Type....Text-Only.
Target Audience...NEUROLOGY.
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Risk Management Neurology CME Rounds
Risk Management Neurology CME Rounds will teach the neurologist how to recognize and deal with circumstances that might prompt a lawsuit.
Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:
1. Identify the major medical misadventures and associated issues that most commonly underlie medical malpractice suits against neurologists.
2. Discuss how communication with patients can reduce medical errors, improve patient care, and reduce lawsuits.
3. Understand how the courts define your duty in a variety of situations outside the normal physician-patient relationship, such as serving on call with your hospital, covering calls for another doctor, and serving as a formal or informal consultant.
4. Recognize unconventional situations that may give rise to a physician-patient relationship.
5. Understand how medical record documentation and maintenance affects patient care and your own liability.
6. Discuss the legal duties and risks of testifying as an expert witness.
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