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Pathology CME Online Bundle: Three Review Programs - Journal Summaries - $1,000 Gift Card Pathology CME Bundle
Posted by...Bernard Sklar, MD. 
Pathology CME Credit Hours...39 for the three review programs plus 0.25 hours for every article you read in Practical Reviews (unlimited).
CME Credits Awarded by....Oakstone Publishing, LLC
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Instruction Type...Slide-Video Lectures.
Format...Online Video. 
Target Audiences...PATHOLOGISTS.
Expiration of CME credit...July 31, 2018. 
The  Pathology CME Online Bundle features:
• From CMEinfo - Three specialty reviews with 49 lectures covering topics in dermatopathology, gastrointestinal and breast pathology
• From Practical Reviews - A one-year subscription, including the FREE mobile app
• Unbiased content to help you prep for the boards and stay current without the need for travel
• A $1,000 gift card
Topics include:
Melanoma, Neoplastic Dermatopathology, Alopecia, Melanocytic Lesions, B cell Lymphomas, Nonneoplastic Colorectal Pathology, Polyposis Syndromes, Small Intestinal Neoplasms, Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, Molecular Testing for Breast Carcinomas, Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy and many others.
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Become a CMEinfo Insider Pathology Charter Member CMEinfo Insider
Posted by...Bernard Sklar, MD. 
CME Credit Hours...Unlimited.
CME Credits Awarded by...Oakstone;
Cost...........One Year Membership: $1799 with $1000 Amazon Gift Card; 
Two Year Membership: $2999 with $1500 Amazon Gift Card.
Instruction Type...Slide-Video Lectures delivered by online video.
Target Audience...Pathologists.
Educational material continuously updated.
Quick to learn and easy to use, CMEinfo Insider gives you instant access to CMEInfo's entire collection of specialty-based educational resources that you can view on your computer, tablet or mobile device. 
• View activities and progress on content you have selected, as well as relevant primary specialty recommendations from our Medical Contributors. 
• Get regular updates on hot topics in the Med Minute spotlight. 
• Manage your courses and AMA PRA Category 1 Credits all in one convenient location. 
• Create instant certificates by date, specialty and credit category for all your completed CME activities.

Pathology Board Review: The Oakstone Institute Board Review Pathology Board Review
Posted by...Bernard Sklar, MD.
Credit hours...43.
CME Credits Awarded by....Oakstone Institute.
Cost...........$895 or $995 according to the formats you choose.
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Instruction Type...Slide-Video Lectures.
Formats...Online Video or DVD.
Target Audiences...PATHOLOGY.
Educational material last updated...June 15, 2016.
Expiration of CME credit...June 15, 2019.
The Pathology Board Review covers a broad range of topics, including cytopathology, hematopathology, clinical biochemistry, clinical microbiology, transfusion medicine, cytogenetics and molecular biology, and laboratory management practices.
After completing the Pathology Board Review, you will be better able to:
• Discuss basic principles of diagnostic pathology and prepare for board examinations
• Apply knowledge to daily problems in the practice of pathology
• Analyze results in light of newly acquired knowledge
• Evaluate new knowledge by objective means, such as tests or application in practice
• Discover New Guidelines

Practical Reviews in Pathology Pathology CME Practical Reviews in Pathology
Posted by...Bernard Sklar, MD.
Credit hours...56 hours per year (4 hours per issue-14 issues per year).
CME Credits Awarded by....Johns Hopkins.
Cost....Online 1 year $499; Online 2 years $998; Online PLUS Audio CD 1 year $549; Online PLUS Audio CD 2 years $1098.
Format...Audio Plus Text.
Target Audience...PATHOLOGY.
Educational material updated monthly (14 issues per year).
Expiration of CME credit...Two years after date of publication. 
Practical Reviews in Pathology keeps you informed of the most important research and clinical findings published in Pathology each month. 
Receive up to 22 anatomical and clinical pathology articles articles summarized and reviewed per issue, including 10-12 in convenient audio format; downloadable PDF of written reviews with Take-Home Pearls that reinforce the audio material and give you a valuable reference for instant recall by subject; and self-assessment online quizzes to highlight key points and reinforce what you've learned.
Special Offers on Subscriptions to Practical Reviews On Demand. Unlimited Access to 28 specialties and Unlimited CME Credits.
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BoardVitals Online CME + MOC Pathology Self-Assessment Activity (1 Year Access) with FREE $1,000 AMAZON GIFT CARD Online CME with Free Amazon Gift Card
Posted by...Bernard Sklar, MD.
CME Credit + MOC hours....vary by specialty
CME Credits Awarded by....University of Nebraska Medical Center or Interstate Postgraduate Medical Association.
Format...Online CME.
Target Audience...Most specialties.
Complete your CME and MOC Requirements Online with BoardVitals Online CME + MOC Self-Assessment Activity (1 Year Access) with FREE $1,000 AMAZON GIFT CARD. Answer board-style questions and cases related to your specialty and earn credits fast!
Key features of BoardVitals Online CME + MOC Self-Assessment Activity include:
Thousands of board-style questions and cases with evidence based explanations for review
Aligned with the MOC / Recertification exam content for each specialty board
Answer questions to earn credits and correct wrong answers as you go
Earn up to 100 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits and MOC credits (varies by specialty)
12 month access + $1,000 Amazon or Apple Gift Card (your choice!)

Board Vitals Pathology CME Self-Assessment and MOC Preparation Program  Pathology CME
Pathology CME Credit Hours....60. Also 60 American Board of Pathology (ABP) SAM Credits.
CME Credits Awarded by...University of Nebraska Medical Center, Center for Continuing Education. 
Posted by...Bernard Sklar, MD. 
Cost...$599 for 12 months access.
Instruction Type...Question Bank with extensive discussion of answers.
Target Audience...Pathologists meeting CME requirements or completing American Board of Pathology (ABP) SAM credits.
Educational material continuously updated. 
Board Vitals Pathology CME Self-Assessment Program
• Complete your CME requirements with the BoardVitals Pathology CME online self-assessment program. 
• Stay current while earning up to 60 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit and completing 60 American Board of Pathology (ABP) SAM credits simultaneously.
• Access to more than 1200 Pathology review questions
• Earn Category 1 CME requirements and ABP SAM Credits in a single activity
• Review for the recertification exam at the same time with content that is mapped to the Pathology MOC exam blueprint
• Take questions in review or timed mode to simulate exam conditions
• Earn credits anytime, anywhere from your computer or smartphone

Board Vitals Pathology ABP Recertification Practice Test Pathology MOC Question Bank
Posted by...Bernard Sklar, MD.
One month subscription $249; three months subscription $429; six months subscription $629.
Instruction Type...Question Bank with extensive discussion of answers.
Target Audience...Pathologists preparing for the Maintenance of Certification exam.
Educational material continuously updated.
CME Credits are not awarded for this program; however there is an option to redeem up to 60 CME Credits for an additional $200.
The Board Vitals Pathology ABP Recertification Practice Test  contains over 1100 Pathology MOC practice questions specifically targeted to the ABPath 10-year exam. The pathology maintenance of certification qbank offers 470 CP questions and over 400 AP questions.

The Board Vitals Pathology ABP Recertification Practice Test offers: 
• Peer reviewed content
• Pathology MOC Multiple Choice Questions, answers, and detailed explanations
• Take practice tests in review mode or timed mode
• Compare yourself to other practicing Pathologists and predict your performance on the exam

Pathologists preparing for initial certification should see the Board Vitals Anatomic and Clinical Pathology Board Review Question Bank and Study Program.

Osler Pathology Board Reviews Pathology Board Review Osler 
Posted by...Bernard Sklar, MD.
Credit hours...Vary according to format. See ===>
CME Credits Awarded by....Osler Institute.
Cost..........Vary according to format. See ===>
Instruction Type... Live or audio recordings.
Target Audience...PATHOLOGY.
Educational material updated on an ongoing basis.
The Osler Pathology Board Reviews offer learning in a variety of venues and formats.
See the site for the next Live Osler Pathology Board Review.
Osler Pathology Board Reviews. Topics include all major areas of Pathology. This course has an optional day of glass-slides before and after the seven-day seminar. The first four days are anatomic pathology which overlaps, by one day, the last four days of clinical pathology.
Credit Hours...70. Prices vary considerably, depending on your level of training and various other options. See site for details.
The Osler Pathology Course on 8 MP3 CDs w/Electronic Syllabus. Each CD includes a full days' lectures from the most recent live meeting in MP3 format which you can play on your MP3 player, computer or CD player.
Credit Hours...None for this format. Price...$475.
The Osler Pathology Course on Creative MP3 Player Preloaded with the Course Review Audio MP3s. The player contains selected lectures from the most recent live meeting.
Credit Hours...None for this format. Price...$545.
There are a number of other options in audio and print format. See site for details