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Neurology for Non-Neurologists: The Oakstone Institute Specialty Review
Posted by...Bernard Sklar, MD. Neurology CME
Neurology CME Credit hours...30.25.
CME Credits Awarded by....Oakstone Medical Publishing.
Cost...........$795 to $1095 according to which formats you choose.
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Instruction Type...Slide-Video Lectures.
Formats...Streaming Video, Audio-CD & MP3,  Video-DVD & MP4 or Combo VIDEO/AUDIO Package.
Target Audiences...Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Geriatrics, Neurology.
Educational material last updated...June 30, 2016.
Expiration of CME credit...June 30, 2019.
Neurology for Non-Neurologists presents the most exhaustive review of neurology aimed at non-neurologists (Internists, Family Physicians, General Practitioners, Emergency Physicians, Obstetricians/Gynecologists (who act as primary care doctors), Adolescent Medicine Physicians and Geriatricians.
Topics include: Taking a Neurological History, The Neurological Examination, The Mental Status Examination, Approach to the Patient with Dizziness, Treatment of Vertigo, Numbness and Tingling, Approach to the Patient with Spells and much more.

Practical Reviews in Neurology Neurology CME Practical Reviews in Neurology
Posted by...Bernard Sklar, MD.
Credit hours...56 hours per year (4 hours per issue-14 issues per year).
CME Credits Awarded by....Johns Hopkins.
Cost....Online 1 year $499; Online 2 years $998; Online PLUS Audio CD 1 year $549; Online PLUS Audio CD 2 years $1098.
Format...Audio Plus Text.
Target Audience...NEUROLOGY.
Educational material updated monthly (14 issues per year).
Expiration of CME credit...Two years after date of publication.
Practical Reviews in Neurology keeps you informed of the most important research and clinical findings published in Neurology each month. 
You receive up to 22 neurology articles summarized and reviewed per issue, including 10-12 in convenient audio format; downloadable PDF of written reviews with Take-Home Pearls that reinforce the audio material and give you a valuable reference for instant recall by subject; and self-assessment online quizzes to highlight key points and reinforce what you've learned.
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