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National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine Online Continuing Education Series
Posted by...Bernard Sklar, MD.
Credit hours...1.0 each (total of 10).
CME Credits Awarded by....Cine-Med, NCCAM.
Cost for Credit....Free.
Instruction Type....Video lectures (slides and transcripts also available).
Target Audiences....Multiple specialties.
Educational material last updated....Not Stated.
Financial Support...NCCAM (NIH).
10 lectures on complementary and alternative medicine including:
• Ten Years of Research on Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Promising Ideas from Outside the Mainstream
• Herbs and Other Dietary Supplements
• Mind-Body Medicine
• Acupuncture: An Evidence-Based Assessment
• Manipulative and Body-Based Therapies: Chiropractic and Spinal Manipulation
• CAM and Aging
• Integrative Medicine
• Health and Spirituality
• Studying the Effects of Natural Products
• Neurobiological Correlates of Acupuncture

View lecture, read Q and A PDF, and answer multiple choice questions for credit.

Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database
Posted by...Bernard Sklar, MD.
Credit hours...12 per year.
CME Credits Awarded by....Therapeutic Research.
Cost..........$92 per year.
Instruction  Type....Text-Only.
Target Audiences....General Interest.
Educational material last updated....Monthly
Financial Support...None.
Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database is an evidence-based collection of clinically relevant answers to natural medicines questions. Tens of thousands of products are listed by either the ingredient name or the brand name of the natural product. The Database shows ratings for effectiveness, safety, and significance of interactions, and gives United States Pharmacopeia (UPS) verified information showing products of the highest quality. The Database has a collection of over 1,000 patient handouts. Only subscribers can view the titles of CME activities.

Posted by...Bernard Sklar, MD.
Credit hours...22 activities, each offering 1.0 credit-hours. Total of 22 hours.
CME Credits Awarded by....George Washington University.
Cost for Credit....Free.
Instruction Type....Text-Only, Slide-Video Lectures.
Target Audiences....General Interest, Wellness.
Educational material last updated....2013.
Financial Support...None Stated.
You will find brief articles in these areas: Bone Health; Cancer; Cardiovascular Disease; Diabetes Mellitus; and Obesity. Some titles are: Calcium, Vitamin D, Dairy Product Intake, and Bone Health; Diet and Breast Cancer Survival; Folate and Cervical Cancer; A Low-Fat, Vegan Diet Improves Glycemic Control in Individuals with Type 2 Diabetes; and Vegetarian Diets and Weight Loss.