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CDC Training and Continuing Education OnLine 
Posted by...Bernard Sklar, MD.
CME Credit Hours...Most courses offer 2.5 hours. There are 59 courses offering about 150 hours (courses counted; hours not counted).
CME Credits Awarded by...CDC.
Instruct. Type.....Slide-Audio Lecture.
Educational material last updated...2013.
CME Credit Expires...(Probably) one year after posting.
Financial support...CDC.
After login, Choose "Search." You may then search for courses by date, keyword, or display all. I recommend keyword "Web on Demand". This will bring you to a list of online courses on public health and preventive medicine topics with an emphasis on vaccination.

Increasing Awareness of Hansen's Disease in the United States
Posted by...Bernard Sklar, MD.
CME Credit Hours...1.5 (2 lectures, 28 minutes and 34 minutes). 
CME Credits Awarded by....American Academy of Family Practice.
Instruct. Type...Slide-Audio Lecture, Slide-Video Lecture.
Educational material last updated....2010.
Financial Support...U.S. Health Resources & Services Administration.
Increasing Awareness of Hansen's Disease in the United States is designed to increase health care providers' awareness of this unique and misunderstood disease.
The course consists of two separate lectures: The first lecture covers introductory topics and concepts that are necessary to understand how Hansen's Disease is diagnosed and treated. The second lecture covers more advanced treatment topics and concepts. 
Completing this course will enable you to:
• Access the services provided by the National Hansen's Disease Programs to healthcare providers;
• Recognize the cardinal signs and symptoms of Hansen's disease;
• Understand the microbiology and pathology of Hansen's Disease before and after treatment;
• Identify the varied clinical presentations of Hansen's disease;
• List two basic treatment regimens used in the U.S. for Hansen's disease and how patients are classified into these two groups; and
• Learn the complications of Hansen's disease and how to manage them.
To enroll, call 1-800-642-2477 or send an E-mail to [email protected]. Once enrolled, all modules and post-tests must be completed within 2 weeks. 

Medical Society of the State of New York Online CME Courses
Posted by...Bernard Sklar, MD.
CME Credit Hours...8 presentations offering 1.0 credit each (8 credits total).
CME Credits Awarded by....Medical Society of the State of New York
Instruction Type...Slide-Audio Lectures.
Target Audience...ID (immunizations).
Educational material last updated...2011.
Financial Support... New York State Department of Health.
Eight lectures on immunization: 
NYS Medical Treatment Guidelines (MTG) - Understanding Variances; New York State Workers' Compensation Board; 
Vaccines in the Immunocompromised Host; 
Immunization Fast Track 2009; 
Respiratory Viruses I;  
A 2010 Clinician's Guide to Influenza & Vaccination Protocols; 
Talking to Parents About Vaccines Fact vs. Fiction; 
Novel H1N1 Influenza; and 
Pain Management.

Medscape Public Health & Prevention CME
Posted by... Bernard Sklar, MD.
CME Credit Hours... Varies from time to time. 
CME Credits Awarded by....Medscape and 50 other sponsoring organizations.
Instruction Type...Text-and-Graphics, Text-Only, Slide-Audio Lecture, Slide-Video Lecture and Case-Based-Interactive.
Target Audiences....General Interest.
Educational material last updated...New activities posted daily.
Financial Support...Many academic, specialty, and commercial sources as well as self-supported by Medscape.
Expiration of CME Credit...Credit for most activities expires one year after posting.
CME activities of special interest to physicians interested in Public Health & Prevention. Medscape contains a variety of educational formats:
CONFERENCE COVERAGE - Reports of  advances presented at major medical conferences; typically includes several tracks with news stories, expert interviews, and in-depth topic overviews.
CLINICAL UPDATE - Comprehensive original review article on scientific advances in a clinical topic.
FAST TRACK CLINICAL UPDATE - Narrowly focused original review article on scientific advances in a clinical topic.
CME-LIVE - Real-time online events with streaming video, synchronized visuals, and interactive questions and answers; archived for 1 year.
CLINICAL BRIEFS - Daily reports of major current medical research articles; 0.25 credits each
JOURNAL CME - Articles selected from a wide selection of peer-reviewed journals.
SPECIAL REPORT CME - Topic-based monthly email newsletter distributed to Medscape's professional member database by specialty.
INTERACTIVE PATIENT CASES - Original CME activity presented to the physician in an interactive, clinical case-based format. (See especially eMedicine CME Case Presentations.)
CME CIRCLE - Multimedia content certified by other accredited professional education providers, typically from live symposia or monographs, and then posted on Medscape and archived for one year.

MMWR Continuing Education Programs (Centers for Disease Control)
Posted by...Clara Auty, MD.
CME Credit Hours...1.5 to 3.0 for each topic (6 courses offering about 16 total hours).
CME Credits Awarded by....Centers for Disease Control (CDC).
Instruct. Type...Text-Only.
Target Audiences....General Interest, ID, PREV MED.
Educational material last updated...2013.
Financial Support...None Stated.
CME credit expires...45 days after posting.
This site contains the pdf versions of 6 current MMWR (Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reports) articles. You download and read the articles, then submit your quiz answers online. 
Areas covered include: Maternal and child health, immunization, substance abuse, and reportable infectious diseases. 
A new activity is posted every week. You have only 45 days after posting to submit your answers for CME credit.

University of Minnesota
Posted by...Bernard Sklar, MD.
CME Credit Hours...7 Global Health modules offering 24 to 40 credits per module and one 2 hour module on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Total of about 210 hours.
CME Credits Awarded by....University of Minnesota.
Cost...........$845 per module or $895 (Module 7). Lower fees for certain groups of participants.
Instruction Type....Slide-Audio lectures and supporting materials.
Target Audiences....FP, IM, ID, PED and any physician interested in Global Health.
Educational material last updated....2012.
Financial Support...None Stated.
The major focus of this site is Global Health. You will find these 7 modules:
• Module 1: Introduction to Health Care for Immigrant and Refugee Populations
• Module 2: Disaster Response and Clinical Medicine in Resource-Limited Settings
• Module 3: Public Health and Noninfectious Disease in Developing Countries
• Module 4: Parasitic Infections
• Module 5: Bacterial, Mycobacterial (TB), and Fungal Infections
• Module 6: Viral Infections
• Module 7: Travel Medicine