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Cleveland Clinic Endocrinology
Posted by...Bernard Sklar, MD
CME Credit Hours....11 activities offering a total of 8.25 hours.
CME Credits Awarded by....Cleveland Clinic.
Instruct. Type...Slide-Video and Slide-Audio Lectures, Podcasts, Text-Only.
Target Audiences...ENDO.
Educational material last updated....2013.
Financial Support...Some activities have commercial support.
CME Credit Expires...2 years after posting.
Some recent activities include:
• Thyroid Nodule
• Detecting and controlling diabetic nephropathy: What do we know?
• Male hypogonadism: More than just a low testosterone
• Statins and diabetes risk: Fact, fiction, and clinical implications
• Approaches to Reducing CVD Risk in Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes in Control
Posted by...Bernard Sklar, MD.
CME Credit Hours...About 50 courses offering 0.75 to 1.25 hours each.
CME Credits Awarded by...Mount Sinai Medical School
Cost for Credit....Free
Instruct. Type....Multimedia, audio, video, PowerPoint.
Target Audience...ENDO, FP, IM, PED (and other diabetes care professionals).
Educational material last updated...December 2012.
Financial Support...Various Pharmaceutical Companies.
About 50 activities on various aspects of diabetes. Not all activities offer Physician CME, so be sure to check the type of CME offered before you start. The actual content is located at, but I believe this site (Diabetes in Control) is easier to navigate.

Endocrine Today CME Center  
Posted by...Bernard Sklar, MD.
CME Credit Hours...11 activities offering 1.25 to 3.0 hours (total of 18 hours).
CME Credits Awarded by....Vindico.
Instruction Type...Text-and-Graphics.
Target Audiences....ENDO.
Educational material last updated...2013.
Financial Support...Pharmaceutical Companies.
Eleven activities covering various endocrine topics; the most recent are:
• Above and Beyond Glycemic Control
• Above and Beyond Glycemic Control: Reducing the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease
Before the Breaking Point: Reducing the Risk of Osteoporotic Fracture
• Practical Lipidology: Best of Lipid Forum
• Managing the Full Spectrum of Cardiovascular Risk Factors: A Closer Look at GLP-1 Agonists
• The New Treatment Paradigm in Obesity: Proper Patient Selection, Assessment of Comorbidities, and Stepped Interventions
• Dialogues in Diabetes: Volume 2, Number 1
• Growth Hormone Deficiency and Other Causes of Short Stature: Trends in Diagnosis, Evaluation, and Treatment in Children and Adults
• GLP-1 Agonists: Examining New Data on Cardiovascular Risk Reduction, Combination Insulin Therapy, and Adherence
• Weighing in on the Beneficial Effects of GLP-1 Agonists: Assessing Cardiovascular Risk Reduction, Combination Therapy and Adherence
• Cardiovascular Risk Reduction

Joslin CME Center WebCME
Posted by...Bernard Sklar, MD.
CME Credit Hours...2 activities totaling 2 hours.
CME Credits Awarded by......Joslin Diabetes Center.
Cost for Credit......Free.
Instruction Type....Chart Review, discussions and slide-video lectures.
Target Audiences...FP, IM, ENDO.
Educational material last updated....2012.
Financial Support...ResMed Foundation, Eli Lilly.
Two activities at present:
Obstructive Sleep Apnea and the Cardiometabolic Syndrome: Clinical Perspectives and Interrelationships "will teach you to recognize the sometimes subtle, nonspecific symptoms and clinical presentation of obstructive sleep apnea, and why you should refer both patients with suspected OSA and patients with cardiometabolic syndrome to a sleep specialist for evaluation and intervention."
Handling the Hand-off: Transitioning from Pediatric to Adult Diabetes Care "was developed from presentations made at the live symposium titled Handling the Hand-off: Transitioning from Pediatric to Adult Diabetes Care that took place on August 6, 2010, in San Antonio, TX, as part of the AADE's Annual Meeting."

Medscape Diabetes and Endocrinology
Posted by... Bernard Sklar, MD.
CME Credit Hours... Varies from time to time. 
CME Credits Awarded by....Medscape and 50 other sponsoring organizations.
Instruction Type...Text-and-Graphics, Text-Only, Slide-Audio Lecture, Slide-Video Lecture and Case-Based-Interactive.
Target Audiences....ENDO.
Educational material last updated...New activities posted daily.
Financial Support...Many academic, specialty, and commercial sources as well as self-supported by Medscape.
Expiration of CME Credit...Credit for most activities expires one year after posting.
CME activities of special interest to endocrinologists. Medscape contains a variety of educational formats:
CONFERENCE COVERAGE - Reports of  advances presented at major medical conferences; typically includes several tracks with news stories, expert interviews, and in-depth topic overviews.
CLINICAL UPDATE - Comprehensive original review article on scientific advances in a clinical topic.
FAST TRACK CLINICAL UPDATE - Narrowly focused original review article on scientific advances in a clinical topic.
CME-LIVE - Real-time online events with streaming video, synchronized visuals, and interactive questions and answers; archived for 1 year.
CLINICAL BRIEFS - Daily reports of major current medical research articles; 0.25 credits each
JOURNAL CME - Articles selected from a wide selection of peer-reviewed journals.
SPECIAL REPORT CME - Topic-based monthly email newsletter distributed to Medscape's professional member database by specialty.
INTERACTIVE PATIENT CASES - Original CME activity presented to the physician in an interactive, clinical case-based format. (See especially eMedicine CME Case Presentations.)
CME CIRCLE - Multimedia content certified by other accredited professional education providers, typically from live symposia or monographs, and then posted on Medscape and archived for one year.

New perspectives in diabetes: new targets, new therapies, and a new approach to patient management
Posted by... Bernard Sklar, MD.
CME Credit Hours...5.0 (4 Webinars, 3 Podcasts, 2 Interactive Cases, 4 Reading Rooms)
CME Credits Awarded by...The France Foundation.
Cost for Credit...Free.
Instruction Type...Online mp3s, Slide-Video lectures.
Target Audience...Primary Care Physicians. 
Educational material last updated...2014.
CME Credit Expires...2015
Financial Support... AstraZeneca.  
New perspectives in diabetes offers knowledge, competency, and practice improvements in the diagnosis, management, and treatment of patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. The following topics are discussed: 
• The Role of the Kidney in Glucose Homeostasis
• Prevention of CVD Events in Diabetes
• The Role of SGLT2 Inhibition in T2DM
• Improving Patient-Provider Communication Techniques
• The Value of Managing the ABCs: A1C, blood pressure, and Cholesterol 
• When Should We Use SGLT2 Inhibitors?
• Emerging T2DM Therapies Targeting the Kidney
• Interactive Case : Patient with inadequate control of A1C levels currently on metformin
• Interactive Case : Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus with CV Risk
• Summaries of recently published articles with expert perspective on how results can be applied in clinical practice

PRESENT Diabetes
Posted by...Bernard Sklar, MD.
CME Credit Hours...30 minutes per program (about 76 courses, 38 CME Credit Hours for MDs. Many more courses for other specialists).
CME Credits Awarded by...Mount Sinai Medical School
Cost for Credit....Free
Instruct. Type....Multimedia, audio, video, PowerPoint.
Target Audience...ENDO, FP, IM, PODIATRY (and other diabetes care professionals).
Educational material last updated...2011
Financial Support...Various Pharmaceutical Companies.
PRESENT Diabetes is an online education community for all clinicians who treat diabetes. Lectures cover the entire spectrum of diabetic issues. In addition to over 200 online multimedia streaming lectures available for continuing education credit for physicians, podiatrists, pharmacists, nurses and dietitians, there are many blogs and discussion groups. You can also use the Colleague Matching Service to meet and form relationships with other foot care clinicians from around the world. Be sure to to search for the kind of CME credit required for your specialty.