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Practical Reviews in Infectious Disease Infectious Disease CME 
Posted by...Bernard Sklar, MD.
Credit hours...56 hours per year (4 hours per issue-14 issues per year).
CME Credits Awarded by....Johns Hopkins.
Cost....Online or on Audio CD; 1 year $499; 2 years $998.
Format...Audio Plus Text.
Target Audience...Infectious Disease.
Educational material updated monthly (14 issues per year).
Expiration of CME credit...Two years after date of publication.
The expert medical faculty of Practical Reviews in Infectious Disease conducts a comprehensive review of hundreds of articles from current leading medical journals. Knowledge leaders summarize the most relevant medical research for you to review at your convenience and add commentary with perspective for applying these findings in your own practice.
Connect to Practical Reviews in Infectious Disease and get:
Up to 16 articles summarized in each issue, each with an expert audio review
Online quizzes and instant pass/fail notification
14 issues annually
Ability to earn up to 56 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits
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Infection Control for Physicians Infection Control CME 
Infection Control CME Credit hours...2.0 hours.
CME Credits Awarded by....University of Arizona College of Medicine at the Arizona Health Sciences Center.
Cost...........$25 per hour.
Meets Special CME Requirements in....Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island (Universal Precautions), Rhode Island (Infection Control / Modes of Transmission) and Texas.
Infection Control for Physicians will help you to: 
Use evidence-based risk management practices and current guidelines to control infection in health care personnel;
Improve your knowledge and skills in blood borne infection, drug resistant organisms, and outpatient respiratory illness; and
Meet state infection control training requirements.