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Posted by...Bernard Sklar, MD. 
CME Credit Hours...Unlimited.
CME Credits Awarded by...Oakstone;
Cost...........One Year Membership: $1799 with $1000 Amazon Gift Card; 
Two Year Membership: $2999 with $1500 Amazon Gift Card.
Instruction Type...Slide-Video Lectures delivered by online video.
Target Audience...Dermatologists.
Educational material continuously updated.
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Dermatology Board Review Dermatology Board Review
Posted by...Bernard Sklar, MD.
Dermatology CME Credit Hours...31.5. 
CME Credits Awarded by.... Oakstone Institute.
Cost..........$995 to $1695 depending on the format you choose.
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Instruction Type...Slide-Video Lectures.
Formats...Online Video, DVDs/MP4s, Audio CDs, PDF syllabus, and CME quiz
Target Audience...Dermatology.
Educational material...July 1, 2014.
Expiration of CME credit...June 30, 2017.
Pass the Dermatology Board Exam or earn Dermatology Maintenance of Certification credits with the Dermatology Board Review from Oakstone Publishing. 
Dermatology Board Review focuses on general dermatology topics likely to be covered in the Exam such as dermatological manifestations of internal disease, hair and nail biology/disorders, skin cancer, pediatric dermatology and drug metabolism. 
Some other topics are: Principles of Photobiology, Phototherapy, and Associated Disorders, Atopic Dermatitis and Other Eczematous Disorders, Cosmetic Dermatology and many more.

Practical Reviews in Dermatology   Dermatology CME Practical Reviews Dermatology
Posted by...Bernard Sklar, MD.
Credit hours...56 hours per year (4 hours per issue-14 issues per year).
CME Credits Awarded by....Johns Hopkins.
Cost....Online 1 year $499; Online 2 years $998; Online PLUS Audio CD 1 year $549; Online PLUS Audio CD 2 years $1098.
Format...Audio Plus Text.
Target Audience...DERMATOLOGY.
Educational material updated monthly (14 issues per year).
Expiration of CME credit...Two years after date of publication. 
Practical Reviews in Dermatology keeps you informed of the most important research and clinical findings published in Dermatology each month. 
Receive up to 22 dermatology articles summarized and reviewed per issue, including 10-12 in convenient audio format; downloadable PDF of written reviews with Take-Home Pearls that reinforce the audio material and give you a valuable reference for instant recall by subject; and self-assessment online quizzes to highlight key points and reinforce what you've learned.
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Skin Cancer Education for Primary Care Skin Cancer CME
Skin Cancer CME Credit hours...Up to 12.0.
CME Credits Awarded by....University of Arizona College of Medicine at the Arizona Health Sciences Center.
Cost...........$25 per hour.
Skin Cancer Education for Primary Care will help you to: 
Improve your confidence in evaluating pigmented skin lesions;
Utilize a practical approach for managing your patients at risk for skin cancer; and
Refresh your knowledge of the treatment approaches used for malignant and pre-malignant skin lesions.

Board Vitals Dermatology Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Re-Certification Question Bank and Preparation
Posted by...Bernard Sklar, MD. 
One month subscription $249; three months subscription $429; six months subscription $629.
Instruction Type...Question Bank with extensive discussion of answers.
Target Audience...Dermatologists preparing for the Maintenance of Certification exam.
Educational material continuously updated.
CME Credits are not awarded for this program.
Board Vitals Dermatology Maintenance of Certification ( MOC) Re-Certification Question Bank and Preparation 
• Over 1100 Dermatology MOC:PQRS targeted review questions (and ABD Exam). 
• Over 800 Dermatology images to expose users to the breadth of conditions on the exam
• Covers the General Dermatology section as well as the optional additional Dermatology modules
• Each question includes a detailed answer and explanation, as well as a relevant categorization
Dermatologists preparing for initial certification should see the BoardVitals Dermatology Board Review Question Bank and Study Program.

Melanoma: Best Practices, Barriers to Care, and Emerging Therapies Melanoma CME
Posted by...Bernard Sklar, MD.
Dermatology CME Credit Hours...1.0.
CME Credits Awarded by....ScientiaCME.
Instruction Type...Slide-Video Lectures.
Target Audience...Healthcare professionals specializing in: oncology, dermatology, family medicine, internal medicine, or those who otherwise commonly care for patients with malignant melanoma.
CME Credit Expires...Two years after release.
Financial Support...Genentech.
By the end of Melanoma: Best Practices, Barriers to Care, and Emerging Therapies, you will be able to:
• 1. Describe challenges to effective diagnosis and prevention of malignant melanoma.
• 2. Identify present and emerging treatment strategies for melanoma, weighing their risk-benefit profiles in the setting of patient cases.
• 3. Recognize the appropriate therapeutic choices in individual patients with based on their demographic and clinical characteristics, applying them to patient cases.
• 4. Discuss emerging therapies and their potential place(s) in therapy in melanoma.
• 5. Describe barriers to care in the treatment of melanoma and develop strategies to ameliorate them.

Scientia CME Allergy - Urticaria and Psoriasis Free Dermatology CME
Posted by...Bernard Sklar, MD.
CME Credit Hours....2.0.
CME Credits Awarded by....ScientiaCME.
Instruction Type...Slide-Video Lectures.
CME Credit Expires...Two years after release.
Financial Support...Various commercial supporters.