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Board Vitals NAPLEX Question Bank and Practice Test NAPLEX Question Bank and Practice Test
Posted by...Bernard Sklar, MD. 
Cost...........One month subscription $79; six months subscription $169; one year subscription $229.
Instruction Type...Question Bank with extensive discussion of answers.
Target Audience...Pharmacy students preparing for the NAPLEX Exam.
Educational material continuously updated.
CE Credits are not awarded for this program.
Board Vitals NAPLEX Question Bank and Practice Test offers over 1,000 review questions and explanations for the NAPLEX Exam. 
• Questions are written to be challenging and cover material specific to the NAPLEX. Questions cover multiple formats, including k-type questions, calculations, fill in the blank, and general multiple choice.
• Every question is categorized and includes an answer and explanation
• Board Vitals offers adaptive learning (questions just for you)
• Over 600 hand selected high yield questions from ChaseNaplex
• 400 Additional Questions with detailed explanations to cover additional topics in depth